5 Romance Novels I Want to Reread

Happy Valentine’s week! It’s also my nephew and niece’s birthday week, and candy-will-be-in-discount-next-week week. This week we celebrate (and hate on) love and friendship which is why you’re either all happy and loving life or you’re crying while eating chocolate and wondering if you’ll ever love again. Either way you’re probably in a mood for romance novels, which is why I’m writing about 5 romance novels I would love to reread. These are books I really enjoy and it’s been long enough for me to want to read again.


I had a whole blog post finished just ready to be edited and it disappeared and that’s the only thing left of it, the intro. It was going to be a late one, but it still was one. I can’t redo it because this is finally my last week of this semester, so I’m tight on time. The post was so good it breaks my heart to know it’s gone. To make it worse, I can’t do it later because Valentine’s day is the day after tomorrow. So I’m just going to upload the pictures and I promise I’ll make it up next week and the other one. Pinky promise. A lot of these books have a bad rating on Goodreads, I mean which doesn’t, but I want to read them because they mean something to me. I loved them at the moment, I read them at a special time, they taught me something or they reminded me of when I was a kid (I’m looking at you Life and Death) so yeah maybe I have bad taste in books, or my younger self did, but I don’t care. I still will reread these books at some point in my life which can be anything from a week to a couple of years. Maybe I’ll change my mind and I’ll see the flaws, and I’ll let you know if I do, but these are my little treasures.

The order is from bonus to the one I want to reread the most.  In case you can’t see it properly on your device here’s the order.


Life and Death by Stephenie Meyers

5. Duff: Designated Ugly Fat Friend by Kody Keplinger

4. Ps I love you by Cecelia Ahern

3. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

2. The time traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

1. Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden


Can we talk about how beautiful is the new cover for Annie on My Mind? I must admit when I read this book (YEARS AND YEARS AGO) I read it in a pdf that a girl I liked sent me. I loved the book and I’ve been wanting to reread it ever since. My baby queer ass loved it so my still-kind-of-baby-queer-even-though-7-years-has-passed-ass still wants to reread. Also, since it means so much to me, I really need the actual book so I’m definitely getting it. Memories of my real die hard we-didn’t-get-together-because-she-was-a-lot-older-than-me crush. Good days.

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