How to make a TBR jar

Hey guys! Today I have decided that I am going to post on Saturdays and Sundays. Finals are over, and I only have a week left of my two-week vacation. Again, I completely forgot about the blog. Well not… I did what I had to do for this post and started other posts, but completely forgot about writing it. I am going to have to put a reminder because I love writing, but I just forget to do it. ANYWAY, today I am going to show you how to do a TBR Jar—half-assed one if you ask my mom and sister.


For those who don’t know what a TBR jar is let me explain to you. A TBR jar is well a jar (it can also be a different container) where you store a bunch of papers with the book titles of books you own and haven’t read/want to read. This is for when you have enough books that you just can’t decide what to read. There are usually lots of books you want to read, and in that whole wanting to read the newest one sometimes you forget about those other amazing books you also have and that at some point you wanted to read so badly. It can also be that you simply have too many books that you want to read right now and can’t choose which one to read next. The point of this jar (or another container) is that it chooses for you. What you do is take the container, give it a shake and pick a random paper. This way destiny is the one who chooses what’s your next read.

Remember your TBR jar doesn’t have to be the best and prettiest thing ever, God knows that mine is ugly, so don’t stress it just enjoy it.

Disclaimer (kind of)

 Please ignore the quality of the pictures and how it is not pleasing to look at, but I only have my phone and I am new at the whole taking picture for blogs.


materiales blog



Jar aka the container you want to use

Paper, I used white paper because that’s the only I have at home

Pens (unless you’re fancier than me and are using a computer)

Highlighters, crayons, colored pencils… (unless you use different types of papers)

A scissor

The list

And patience, lots and lots of it


Step #1

The list is not professionally written so it probably has some mistake, but you get it.

Have a list of all the books you’re adding to the TBR. If you’re going to create categories, then decide how are you going to do that. I have two categories: books I can’t wait to read and books I want to read, but I’m not as excited to. The yellow is for excited and the orange is for not as excited. This is going to take a while especially if you own a lot of books

Step #2strips tbr.jpg

Cut strips of paper for writing the name. If you’re using a different type of paper for each category, then cut strips of those in the same way you would with regular paper.

*if you’re doing it on a computer just type it, print it and then cut them. Also, you’re smarter than me.

Step #3

stripoutlady.jpgThis step will take you A LOT of time which is why I recommend to play some good tunes, listen to an audiobook or watch some TV while you follow it.

Write down the names of the books. For series, I wrote the name of the series and had the same amount of paper as there are books left in the series for me to read. For example, I have 3 papers for Shatter Me and two ACOTAR. Then I wrote the title of the first book or the name of the series for example for the ACOTAR series I just “ACOTAR Book.” This is just to let yourself know that you have to highlightedback.jpgchoose the next book in the series.

If you’re using highlighters, crayons or colored pencils to identify the different categories—I started with a highlighter when I didn’t have any left of the orange I used color pencils—then you need to color the back of the paper after writing the name.

Snapchat-45713513Step #4

Fold the paper so that you can’t see the title, but you can see which category it belongs to. Make sure you fold it correctly so that it won’t open by itself.

Step #5

Place all the papers on the jar—cup, bag, box or wherever you want to store them at—and give it a shake.

Step #6

Whenever you don’t know what to read just shake and pick. Don’t forget to update it every time you get a new book.


Redo the whole thing.

It should look similar to this.


Well, that is all for today. I hope you enjoyed this little and easy DIY. Don’t expect many from me because I am terrible at them. Now make it, pick a book, and read it.  What book you are currently reading? Comment your answer below. I am curious. I am reading like ten different books so I can’t give a specific answer. Happy readings.


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