Before you start this, I must say this is a lengthy post, but stay with me. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Hey guys! I is back and today I will be talking about my mini school break/vacation, more specifically my plans for reading a lot. So last semester was crazy between starting the semester a month late and two hurricanes turning Puerto Rico upside down. This semester hell on earth. My dream Christmas break was long gone, and I just had a 16 days break until we started a new semester where classes were going to be 20 minutes longer. So, I told myself I was going to do three things: read, sleep, and workout. I wanted to read because I knew that when the semester started it was going to be harder to take out some time every day to read. My dream is to be able to read an hour and a half a day, but a week into the semester and this has already proven to be quite challenging—pretty much impossible. This past week I’ve barely read 30 minutes a day and it’s because I’m waking up half an hour earlier to read. Apparently, I don’t feel guilty taking thirty minutes to read in the morning, but at night or during the day I feel guilty because I think I should be studying instead.  if I stop to read, even if it’s a way for me to unwind, I’ll start calculating the hours that I have left to do the assignment and I just end up not being able to concentrate. Knowing this would happen I wanted to read as much as a could and be some books ahead on my Goodreads challenge. So long story short I said I was going to read 8 books in 16 days. That was my challenge. I should start by saying that I did not complete it, but I don’t feel bad because the days I didn’t read were the days I was too busy doing other things I love like going to the beach, spending time with my niece and having sleepovers. So, I read 6 books 2 of which were really short so there’s that, but I also read two halves of books. Here’s the list.

Books I read:

  1. Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh
  2. The Sign of the Four by Arthur Conan Doyle
  3. We Should All Be Feminist by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  4. Everless by Sara Holland
  5. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
  6. They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

Books I started and didn’t finish, but intend to finish reading:

  1. Wicked Like a Wildfire by Lana Popović
  2. Love Her Wild by Atticus

Books I didn’t read that were

  1. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
  2. Every day by David Levithan

So how do I start? Let’s start with a bit of information of the one I didn’t finish and why.


I am in love with this cover.

Wicked Like a Wildfire by Lana Popović: I was reading this for a book club but I just COULD NOT GET INTO IT. At first there were so many names of flowers I didn’t know, there are things in a language I do not know (Slavic one?), there are words in English I did not know existed (which made me feel like I didn’t know a thing about English) and the story I just couldn’t get into it. I swore that I was going to read it before the book club, and I had two or three days and no class so I knew I could do it, but oh well. When I talked about it with other bookworms they told me that I had to wait until halfway through the book and then I wasn’t going to be able to put it down. Well, I really dislike when books are only good after you reach the middle or even worse towards the end. I want a book that I’ll enjoy since the beginning, not one that I’ll have to force myself to read half of it only to see if I can get into it. So, I gave up I was wasting precious time trying to read a book I just didn’t want to read. So, I decided to not finish it, at least for the moment. I will finish it, but maybe after I’m done with the book I’m reading right now or the one after that one or the one after that one. I feel that if I want to read this I have to try to get into a reading routine so I can force myself to read it and see if it’s as good as people have told me it is.


33208115.jpgLove Her Wild by Atticus Poetry:

There is nothing wrong with this book. I am actually really glad I got this book because I  L O V E  I T. So, there’s not a bad reason why I didn’t finish it. I wasn’t planning on reading, I got it later towards the end of the challenge, and it’s the kind of book you want to devour slowly. I don’t like reading a poetry book in a day because I feel like I won’t truly enjoy it. So that’s the only reason I haven’t finished it. Sadly, I will soon and sadly this is his only book, so I don’t know what I will do with my life when I’m done with it.

Now why I didn’t read XY books from my TBR

  1. 35384793.jpg
    This is the edition I own and I am in love.

    Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo: I started this book and by started I mean I only read like 5 pages. I actually used my TBR Jar to choose it for me,—here’s how to do one– but after trying to read it a couple of times I realized that I should probably keep the challenge as light and simple as possible because a world with a magic system, that from what I heard is pretty complete and complicated, is not one you want to rush through it. It’s a book you want to take your time to really understand it so you can enjoy it, not just read it as fast as you can because you want to finish a challenge. Because of that, I decided to read another book instead. Now that the challenge is over I can finally enjoy it without rushing myself into it. 13262783.jpg 

  2. Every day by David Levithan: I discovered this book thanks to the movie (I think?) so, as you can imagine after watching the trailer I needed to read it, but then I heard the book would ruin the movie for me so I decided I was going to watch the movie first. Well, I had plans to see it, but my friend canceled on me and I never got around to go and watch it by myself. Now it’s just another book in my TBR Jar.

Now I am going to be talking about the books I DID read.


1.    29906017.jpg  Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh

WHY DOES IT ONLY HAVE 3.54 STARS ON GOODREADS? WHY? It is amazing because you don’t get what you really think you’ll get. For example you expect a steamy lesbian love triangle, but you get a complicated weird almost nonexistent love triangle; you expect a lot of zombie slaying, but you get a story that deals with love, grief, addiction, and change; you expect a badass main character that can slay your life into pieces but you get a really flawed main character who knows she can’t do things by herself. She’s a badass, but she’s deeply flawed in a way that’s refreshing. You get a book where sex isn’t a taboo. You get mature characters with actual plans for their future. You think you just get one queer character, but you get 6 queer characters that are important to the story. I loved this book because it’s refreshing. It’s different to the typical YA that are kind of boring me already. What I don’t like about this book is the ending. I would have changed a detail so it wouldn’t fall into the whole typical YA, but what I do hate about this book is that there’s a freaking second book. The ending is perfect it doesn’t need a second book.

A little rant.

What’s with books nowadays? They’re always part of a trilogy, series, saga or have over 7 books (including prequels, spinoff and so on). If it’s not that, is that the book is originally a trilogy (or something like that) and years later they come out with a bunch more books. I really want more stand-alone. A book that I don’t understand the reason for it to have sequels is To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. The book is perfect the way it is and I don’t want other books that might ruin it for me. I still plan on reading the sequels, but I just think it’s unnecessary. So, with Reign of the Fallen, I feel like it would’ve been a perfect fantasy stand-alone. I mean I can’t be the only one asking for stand-alone. I don’t care if the book is 900 pages long just give me a stand-alone or something different in general. I know people reject what’s unknown and some people want to read the same old stories with a change or two, but I can’t be the only who’s getting tired of the same old stories. I DEMAND MORE STAND-ALONE NOVELS THAT AREN’T CONTEMPORARY.

Favorite quote from this book:

edited to hide spoilers

 “Your mother brought you into this world as a whole person, and last I checked, you still are one. No matter what…” 

I’m going to go against Goodreads on this one and I’ll give it 5 stars. I judge on how much I enjoyed this book and I honestly loved it.

Fun fact the author of this book is the nicest person ever.

2.     608474.jpgThe Sign of the Four by Artur Conan Doyle

This book (novella?) is part of the Sherlock Holmes collection book I’m reading, so this one did not count for my Goodreads challenge, but I still counted for this challenge because it is a book. It’s a very short one, around 129 pages, but it’s okay. A book is a book. I will not judge myself because it’s short. Also, because it was hard for me to read this book. This book, like Wicked Like a Wildfire, is the kind of book you have to force yourself through it to enjoy it. This is my second Sherlock Holmes novel and it just wasn’t as good as I expected it. A study in Scarlet was really good even though there was a moment when it completely confused me and made me wonder if there was an error with my kindle copy. Still, that one was really good, but this one just wasn’t the big deal. It did get pretty good, but honestly, I just expected more.

Favorite quote from this book: -A little insight to understand it Sherlock’s partner Watson uses a cane to walk because of old war injury-

Sherlock: ‘You have not a pistol, have you?’

Watson: ‘I have my stick.”

Rating: I give this book  3.7 stars

3.   22738563-1.jpg  We Should All Be Feminist by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

This is a reread it and honestly, I still love it. It was nice to be reminded of these things. It’s such a good book (?) it’s really short too—it’s only 52 pages—so, it’s a really fast read. Everyone should read it because it doesn’t just cover America, but Africa. It doesn’t just talk about how we are doing girls wrong, but also boys. READ IT! Please do. It is worth every cent.

Favorite quote: It’s hard to choose a favorite quote, but so here’s a random one.

“My own definition is a feminist is a man or a woman who says, yes, there’s a problem with gender as it is today and we must fix it, we must do better. All of us, women and men, must do better.” 

Rating: I give this book 5 stars.


This was going to be a cover buy, but reading the synopsis made it very clear that I should buy the book because it sounds interesting and not just because of the cover.

   Everless by Sara Holland

This book I read it after trying to read Wicked Like a Wildfire. What happened? Well, WLW gave me a massive reading slump (another of the reasons why I didn’t finish the challenge) and I could not get myself into it. I did have some problems with it and maybe it’s the book or maybe I’m just getting pickier or I’m noticing things I didn’t before, but there’s just a lot of the same old things. I won’t give details because of spoilers, but one thing I have to say because I have noticed in other books too is the whole I am so ugly and that girl is so much prettier well not prettier because I’m pretty ugly and he would never notice me, but hey I put on some makeup, got my hair done and wore a dress and now I can consider myself beautiful and the whole oh wait he does consider me beautiful so maybe I am like COME ON! I am so over this and I keep reading it everywhere. I am reading a book that is like this, but on steroid, and even though there is a reason for it, it’s still tiring. PLEASE STOP. The only thing this is doing is teaching us that we are only beautiful if someone gives us a makeover or a guy considering us beautiful. I am so done with it. There are other things I was annoyed because it was overused but I actually enjoyed it. I enjoyed it even when I was on a massive book slump and did not want to read so that says a lot.

Favorite quote: -For this one, I didn’t have any highlighted quote so there’s that, but since I wanted to add one I googled it and only found three in Goodreads so here’s my favorite one of those three-

“I know better than to be afraid of stories”

I give it a solid 4.5

5. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli19547856.jpg

This was also another reread like it had been exactly a year of me reading it when I reread it. I don’t know why the first time I read I didn’t like it as much as I should, but this time I loved it. Maybe it was because I saw a pre-screening of the movie before finishing the book or the fact that now that I am partially out to my family it means something else, or maybe I was just an idiot a year ago. Whatever the reason why I didn’t like it as much the first time it’s not valid anymore because this time I loved it. This is the kind of book you want to forget everything that happened so you can reread it again. Which funnily enough was exactly what happened. My memory is just THAT bad. SO yes, yes, yes, you totally read the book and see the movie.

Favorite quote: Another one I couldn’t choose one. There were some funny one and meaningful ones I like, but I’m sticking to this one because looking through my highlight is the one that stands out the most. 

“But I’m tired of coming out. All I ever do is come out. I try not to change, but I keep changing, in all these tiny ways. I get a girlfriend. I have a beer. And every freaking time, I have to reintroduce myself to the universe all over again.”

I would give this book a… 5 stars!

Gosh, I feel like this were two weeks of fantastic books. I really loved them all. And now the last book I read is:

Another beautiful cover. I own the Kindle version, but I need a physical copy like NOW!

6. They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

This book was a refreshing book to read and yes, yes, yes it’s the whole you have an adventure with one person on one day, but there’s something about the story that felt like I was cleansing my palate which was needed. We got two queer main characters and only one day left to live because they both will die at the end. The title said it all. I loved it so much. I read in half a day I couldn’t stop reading it and I know it will make you cry. I don’t cry with books—I’m a weirdo I know—but I’m sure you’ll cry. Also, REPRESENTATION!!! I never knew I needed a Puerto Rican character until I met Mateo Torrez and I felt so excited. I’ve never felt so excited when meeting a character before, but Mateo I did. I felt so happy. It was weird. Whenever Puerto Rico would come out or something related like the Yunque and the coqui I felt extremely happy and proud of being Puerto Rican. Is this how representation feels? But you don’t have to be Puerto Rican (or Cuban—Rufus Emeterio is Cuban-American) to enjoy this book. The story is beautiful and it will make you bawl your eyes out and it’s just so beautiful. Did I already mention it was beautiful? Please read it. You won’t regret it.

Favorite quote: “No matter how we choose to live, we both die at the end.”

Sooo you can probably imagine how many stars I’m going to give this book. In case you’re not sure I’m giving it five stars because YAS! Read it!

I’ve been trying to be more objective rating books because sometimes I rate them right after I finish them and I’m on the hype and I later regret the rating, but I’ve waited long enough that I am pretty sure those are my final ratings. Like I mentioned before these were two weeks of fantastic reads. I gave five stars to four of the six books I read which was not my plan at all, but I must be honest. I really did love those books so they deserve the ratings, all of them. If you’re still reading this post then BLESS YOUR HEART because it is so long. I just didn’t want to divide it or make it another list. Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this, so now tell me, have you read any of these books? What did you think? Also, are you planning on watching Love, Simon? You totally should. That is all. Thanks for reading! Happy readings.


7 thoughts on “8 BOOKS IN 16 DAYS CHALLENGE

  1. I HATED reign of the fallen. SO MUCH. I hated the main character to the point it was almost painful to read. I almost didn’t even finish it. if the book followed any other character I think I would have been fine because I enjoyed the world and concept.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha It’s interesting how two different person can have the complete opposite opinion when it comes to a book. Well I liked the flawed af main character exactly because of how flawed she is. She felt real like I can see someone being like that.


      1. Yeah, let’s keep it spoiler free. The ending though, I think I mentioned it on this post, I hated it and especially the fact that there’s a second book. She could have left it at one book


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