March readings

Hey-o! I is back and this was not what I was planning on posting. Here’s something different. I’ve never thought of writing a post about which books I’m currently reading, but after trying to make something coherent and not working I decided to give this a try

So, what am I currently reading? I am currently reading 4 books and those are:

The Complete Sherlock Holmes Books by Arthur Conan Doyle 

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 

Vicious by V. E. Schwab 

These are four very different books that I am loving. Yes, I am loving them.

188572.jpgThe Sherlock Holmes collection I own is a kindle book that contains the 4 novels and 56 stories which include the two plays. It is hella long. This kindle version does not have page numbers which makes it hard for me to guess how many it has, but it must be close to 2,000 pages. I found a version on Goodreads which has 1,800 so I’m going to assume that’s how long this is. This book/collection is one I’m reading very slowly because since it’s so long I don’t want to just read it all and ignore the other books that are waiting for me. What I’m doing is trying to read a book each month. I mean I’ve only read the first 2 novels, but this month I’m planning to read the third one. My thoughts so far are that it’s good, but it’s not as good as I expected it to be. A Study in Scarlet was one I truly enjoyed it even though the middle part confused me, but The Sign of Four was not my favorite thing. But I heard great things about The Hound of the Baskerville, so let’s see what’s up.

Page: 14%

23513349.jpgMilk and Honey is the very famous poetry book that people love to Instagram. It has some powerful messages along with drawings that just make it so beautiful to photograph. I honestly love it. This book has made me want to explore poetry, or at least this new way of doing poetry, a way that is more simple. This book is the one that inspired me into getting Love Her Wild which is ironic because I already finished that book, but I’m just getting started with this one. This book is taking me so long to read because I just want to devour it slowly, and some poems just force me to stop. Sometimes a poem grabs me and I have to take a moment to reread it, read it out loud, translate it, take a picture and analyze it. They make think and reflect on life and the world and I love it. I don’t know when I’ll finish this book, but I am in no hurry.

Page: 97/209

18209268.jpgAmericanah is the answer to my prayers. Yes, it might not be YA, but it’s a book that’s different from the rest. It has changed the image I have of Africa, United States, Africans, Americans, and African-Americans. It is a lovely novel that’s just so different. I don’t even know to describe it. I’m 50% in and so far it’s the story of a youth in Nigeria and an adulthood in the United States. It’s the struggles of an immigrant, it’s a different point of view on America, on being black in America, on the language and family. It’s just fantastical. Please read.

Page: 289/590

13638125.jpgVicious this book was not what I expected. This book, like Americanah, is a library book and it was not one I expected to read so soon. There was a long waiting list, but it looks like people just read it in a second. Going back to how it was not what I expected. This is the second book by  V. E. Schwab that I read and honestly the first one I wasn’t really that into it. In my search for non-YA books, I discovered this one, and people told me it was fantastic. I ordered it without really expecting to love it. Well, surprisingly enough I am loving this book. I’ve been having a hard time finding the motivation and time to read books but I started this one on my way home and it a second without even trying I read 100 pages when lately reading 60 a day was a struggle. That was the day before yesterday today I didn’t really have the time to read it, but as soon as I click publish on this post tonight I will sit down to read more because I just can’t get enough. This book is different to what I usually read, and I am loving it. Please read.

Page: 136/365

Well, those are all the books I’m currently reading. That is all for today. I hope you liked this post because I definitely loved writing it so don’t be surprised if you see more post like this in the future. What books are you currently reading?

Happy readings!


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