Books that Make a Happy Queer Life by Kevs

Hey-o! I is back except this post wasn’t written by me. Before I let you read it I want to explain why someone else wrote a post for my blog and it isn’t Sunday. As you know June is Pride Month aka the month where we celebrate people from the queer community and I thought it was a good idea to fill my blog with bonus posts written by others about their experience. It’s everything from books they love to interviews about their life. I know I usually post book-related things and those will continue every Sunday, but from today on you will get at least one extra bonus post every week for this month by queer authors about being queer. I really hope you enjoy it the idea. Today’s post is from Kevs from Drowning in Book Land. He has a great youtube channel and you should go watch his videos and subscribe.



There’s something so magical about getting lost in the words of someone else~ is almost like traveling without having to pay for a plane ticket.
But it’s even more special when you feel identified with the characters and the situation they’re going through.
Hi, my name is Kevs and I’m here as a guest to tell you a little bit of my story.
So in the joy of pride month, I’m here to tell you a little bit of what means to be a member of the LGBTQIAP+ community in the center of books. One of the things is, am I out yet? The answer is No, not yet. At least to my parents and family. But on the inter-webs and friends, I’m Gay as I can be.
I will be mentioning a few books that marked my life as a whole—almost as if they were looking at me and writing my story in thin pages.

1. Simon Vs. the homo sapiens agenda.
2. More Happy Than Not.
3. They both die at the end.
4. We are the ants.
5. Scars.

All of these books have something in common. A main character that is attracted to the same sex/gender as theirs.
Sometimes with all of the struggles that one has to go through being a person who is non-hetero, is hard and it can get very underwhelming. And it sucks.
But these books have changed my life to a great perspective.
They taught me that I can be myself and happy, that I’m not alone in the world. And most of all, that I’m normal and perfect. Or at least as best as I can get.
I guess that’s all I can say. Thanks for having me and having the time to read this.
I’ll leave a bit of my socials in case you’ll like to contact me and be friends💕

Twitter: @Itskevsnegron

Instagram: @itskevsnegron

Thank you so much, and Have a happy Pride! 🌈❤🧡💛💚💙💜🏳‍🌈

Love, Kevs ❤

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