Bookish Goals for 2019

Hey-o! I is back with a new post. Today I’m going to be talking about my bookish goals for this year. I know I’m a bit late for that but if you follow me on Twitter you know recently one of my dogs was killed. She was with us for 13 years and was my baby. So I did not feel like writing. But I am feeling better now and ready to get back on track. Since this post is lengthy I should stop talking and go on with the post.

These goals are divided between reading related and blog related. I’m starting with reading related.

1. Read 24 books and 5 audiobooks.

Even though in 2018 I read quite a lot of books (around 105) my goal was just to read 24 books and to listen to 5 audiobooks. This year I decided to give myself the same goal. If I give myself a higher number I will feel obligated to reach it and reading will be less about enjoying it and more about reaching that number. The number of books I read a year varies between 20 to 100 so I don’t want to force myself to reach a goal that might not be attainable. Yes, I have quite a long TBR but all I want to do is just motivate myself to try to read at least 2 books a month and to listen to 5 audiobooks a year. I don’t know how busy I’ll be during the year so setting a goal of over 29 books is not the right decision. I just need a gentle push to read so I won’t forget to do something I love. More than just a gentle push will be stressful and not good for my mental health. If I read 50 books then great, the same with 75 and 100, but I’m happy with just 29. HECK, I’m even happy with 12 books. All I want to do is to read for pleasure. The idea is to read because I need to take some time to unwind and reading is perfect for that.

2. Read every day

Talking about unwinding I really want to read every day. It could be 15 minutes or an hour a day but I need to take some time to relax. I am always so anxious, stressed, and hyper-focused on things like college that I put my mental health on the back burner which turns into my mental health declining fast. By forcing myself to read every day I am forcing myself to take some me time, some time to just relax and focus on myself.

3. Read more broadly

I love YA books but lately, I’ve been reading more adult books and guess what, I’ve found my two all-time favorite books. This is why this year I want to read more broadly but not just more diverse in the age range but with subgenres (sci-fi, contemporaries, classics, etc). I usually don’t read sci-fi but both my favorite series and my favorite book ever are sci-fi. My point is that I want to give other genres a try. I especially want to give classics a chance. I’m not going to say I hate classics but I strongly dislike them. Still, there are a couple of classics that are calling me and I think I should give them an opportunity. My theory is that since I’m not reading it for class and I don’t have to dissect them I might actually enjoy them.

4. Read books by small and/or independent authors

Just because an author isn’t well known or is a self-published it doesn’t mean that their work isn’t good. Ruthless Magic by Megan Crewe proved that to me. I gotta say that that book was one of my favorite books that I read in 2018. So this year as a goal I want to give books by small and/or independent authors a chance.

5. Read more books by diverse authors

You know what I find ironic? We read and support diverse books but we don’t support diverse authors. Why is this? We ask for more diverse books but when it’s one by a diverse (usually smaller) author we don’t support it. This doesn’t make sense but it’s true and it also applies to me as a reader. I mean Becky Albertalli is known for her queer books yet I believe she isn’t queer herself! Yes, yes, we should applause authors that aren’t afraid to write books with diverse characters but what better way to hear stories but from own voices authors. That’s why I want to support authors that are queer, that are of color, that have a different culture and/or religion, that have disabilities, that are minorities, and/or just generally diverse.

6. Read more queer books

* I know this was mentioned in the former goal but I have a reason for the repetition of this subcategory. *

How is it that I am a queer woman yet I barely read queer books myself? It doesn’t make sense! Well, this year I want to try to read at least one queer book a month, therefore the repetition of this subcategory, especially those with lesbians character. I personally feel—keyword feel—that when it comes to queer books lesbians are barely represented. This hurts ’cause I am a lesbian myself and I want to see myself in a book. Still, in general, I want to read books with characters that identify with every label under this umbrella term. I can’t expect authors to write queer characters if I don’t support books with them. I started this month with the right foot and I’m hoping I’ll continue this trend.

7. Buy fewer books

2018 was a crazy year when it came to book buying. I could use the excuse that most book blogger and booktubers buy a lot more books than me but that doesn’t change the fact that I need to stop. I do not have the kind of money or space for that many books. But when it comes to the times I actually want to buy books I want to focus on buying more Kindle books. WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE THOUGH?! UGH! But even with Kindle books, I need to reduce the number of books I buy because the problem with them is that I always forget most of them even exist since I’m constaltly looking at them the way I do physical books. To reach this goal on my bullet journal (ish) I made a page so I can track the books I buy each month and on this excel sheet, made by Portal in the Pages I am tracking the books I buy and the price. That way at the end of the year I can see how much I spent on books on an average month.

8. Read physical books

I mentioned before that I don’t have the space for more books and it’s true. I only have one bookshelf and it’s full to the point that if you try to take out a book the whole thing shakes. The problem is that I don’t have the space for another one, therefore the whole buying more Kindle books. But even when I forget most of the ebooks that I own I still mostly read these because it’s cause it’s easier on my eyes but this year that needs to change. It’s not that I’ll read mostly printed books because that ain’t my thing but I just want to read more of those so the number of physical books I buy vs the number of the ones I read will be somehow balanced.

9. Read more sequels 

If you know me you know that I am THE WORSE at actually continuing and finishing series. This applies to tv shows, movies, and books. I usually either a) focus on the other shiny new books and forget to continue them, b) forget what happened but don’t feel like rereading the one before and/or c) get bored of them and instead start new series. That really needs to stop. I want to mostly focus on good series and series I have the sequels for. How is it that at the moment I finish a book I usually need to know what happened next but as soon as I have the opportunity I just pretend that book even exist? I was telling my friend about it and realized I could only count like 5 book series I actually finished and most of those were series I read like 10 years ago. So, I want to continue those unfinished series and try to start the least amount of new series as possible. This will be really hard though ’cause lately most of the books I’ve read have sequels or out of nowhere the author suddenly decides to write an unnecessary one.

10. Stop being afraid of big books

I used to read big books left and right. This was especially easy when it was a Kindle book and I didn’t have to look at the size but now when I look at them I just think of all the other smaller books I can read with the time that it takes me to read a big one. But considering the number of big books I want to read this year—hello A Song of Ice and Fire series—I definitely I need to lose the fear and get to it. I’m sure that by the time this year ends I’ll be reading them like they’re nothing but in the meantime, I need to actually try.

11. Read backlist books

Guess who just discovered this word. So, this doesn’t apply to me much because I’m an expert at buying new releases and then reading them years later but I still want to try it. The catch is that apart from 2018 releases I want to try to read all the books on my TBR that were released before 2018 ’cause otherwise it would be too easy.


     Well, those are my reading-related goals for 2019. Now let’s start with the blog related 2019 goals.

12.  Post weekly on my blog

Now this one of the two blog-related goals is the most important one. I want to post every week. I was a fail at it last year and I started on the wrong foot this year but I really really really want to post weekly. I have enough ideas that I can do it yet I rarely do that. I know that for a blogger once a week is not enough but I always feel so overwhelmed with everything I do and my mental health is always getting in the way so most of the time it feels impossible. I am such a perfectionist that posting once a week is draining enough especially ’cause I never feel like they’re good enough. Now this year I will try my best to post weekly even if I feel like life is getting in the way unless what’s getting in the way is my mental health then if I truly feel unable to I won’t.

13. Write more reviews

Talking about enough content I really want to post more reviews. I rarely write reviews and when I do it’s usually about books I love but I really want to change that. I mean I’m not going to start writing reviews of books I hate just so I can bash on them but I want to also talk about books that were just good or okay. The reason I barely write reviews is that I don’t feel like I’m good at it. I can’t talk about the writing style or about world building because I never notice those things. All I care about when I read a book is if I like the characters and the story. But I still want to give it a try so this new year I will try my best to post more reviews.

14. Be more active on the book blogger community

I think it’s funny how I’m a blogger but don’t really take time of my day to support other small bloggers. Well, this year that will change. I want to be more active in this community and even maybe make some new friends. That being said please leave below links to other small bookish blogs, preferably WordPress one since it makes it easier for me, ’cause I don’t follow enough and I really want to do this.


Well, those are my bookish goals for 2019. What are some of yours? I hope you enjoyed this post and


3 thoughts on “Bookish Goals for 2019

  1. ¡Hellooo my dear friend!
    I agree about queer books, it’s very important and necessary for this world and the people.
    I really loved this list and I definitely need to read more sequels because I never finish them xD I didn’t know that you were afraid of big books :O I LOVE THE BIG BOOKS!! Hahaha
    See ya later ❤


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