Why you should read Percy Jackson & The Olympians


¡Hola, mi gente! I’m here to talk about my newest obsession, the middle-grade series by Rick Riordan known as Percy Jackson & The Olympians. You’ve probably heard of this series or have maybe even read it but if you haven’t, I’m going to try to convince you to do it.

I first discovered this book when I was 14 and I remember adoring it and rereading it over and over again. I’m also about to turn 23 next month so saying I forgot most of the things that happened is an understatement. But one day not so long ago I decided that it was time for a reread and so I did. I read the first and then like two weeks later I devoured the second one and then the third, fourth, and fifth back to back because I could not stop myself. These books are just fantastic and the kind of books everyone in the family can enjoy.


What is it about?

This is the story of Percy Jackson a half blood…

What’s a half blood? 

A half blood is a human(ish) whose parent is one of the gods.

One of the gods as in there are multiple gods? 

Yes, as in greek gods.


Yup, in these books they exist and Percy discover that one of them is his father.

ANYWAY, this is the story of Percy a dyslexic half blood with ADHD who is constantly getting kicked out of schools. This year is not the exception. After an accident with a math teacher during a field trip, he is, once again, kicked out of school and for one reason or another, he ends up in camp half blood.

Camp half blood?

Yes, as in a camp for half blood.

Anyway, this is his story as he makes friends, enemies, is chased by monsters, and go on quests.

So the greek gods are real, so is it set in ancient Greece?

No, it’s set in modern-day New York. You’ll find out why in the book.

But if they’re real, does that mean people know they exist? 

No, and that’s part of the fun.

There are five books in the series starting with Percy being 12 years old in book one until he’s 15 in book five. Honestly, for me, that’s part of the charm. Seeing him and his friend group grows up and mature is so heart-warming. It helps you bond and become protective of the characters which you can’t really protect because they’re fictional characters.

I mentioned friends and that’s because we have one of the best trios of friends I’ve ever seen in books. They compliment each other so well, always have the other’s back, and love each other, even if they don’t want to admit it, in their own way. Honestly, you can’t help but want to be part of the trio.

Okay, it sounds good but give me one more reason to add it to my tbr. 

You’re in luck ’cause I’m going to give you seven.

  1. There’s a lot of humor. Even in the darkest time, you will laugh out loud but it’s the kind of humor everyone in the family can enjoy. Sometimes it’s the little comments or descriptions of characters and monsters, and sometimes it’s just the crazy scenes. Unless you’re the grumpy cat you won’t be able to stay serious, I promise.
  2. Rick Riordan is not afraid to kill character but he’s not J.K. Rowling and much less George R.R. Martin. The thing is that the stakes are so high that you’re constantly afraid one of them is gonna die.
  3. The writing style is so easy to get to. Riordan’s writing style is the kind that is so easy to lose yourself in it. You get so sucked into the story that you won’t even register that you’re reading.
  4. The story is so fast-paced. This is the type of story that there’s always something going on. It doesn’t give you time to get bored. This is an adventure story so it being fast-paced it’s always a plus. This was just what I needed and what I still do.
  5. This story is like some tv shows where each episode is its own story but they still follow a continuous plotline.
  6. It’s addicting.
  7. The whole series is out so you can binge them.


If these aren’t enough reasons to convince you then… You should still read it. Believe me, you would do yourself a favor. It will not disappoint.

Well, fingers crossed that I have achieved my goal because from now on my new job will be forcing everyone to read them.

Thank you staying all the way ’till the end and


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