How to Find Yourself

how to find yourself


Hello guys! I am back. I’m sorry this blog post is long overdue, almost three weeks, but my professors want to squeeze a whole semester of work in a month so just imagine how busy I’ve been.  Anyway, today’s post isn’t book related, but expect a little bit of everything on this blog and my YouTube channel. Today I’m going to write about a quote I’ve been reflecting on for some days now.

This quote helped see things from a different perspective. At first when I read it, I was “NAH. This isn’t true,” but the more I thought about it, the more it started to make sense. We are constantly creating ourselves. Think about it how many selves have you been? Some might be embarrassing, I’m looking at you emo years, but some might be some of the most wonderful years of your life. Yet we are constantly trying to find ourselves as if there’s a perfect you somewhere that you need to find to be happy—Spoiler alert that doesn’t exist—so you waste your life looking for that “perfect you” that will somehow make things perfect. You wish for “perfect self” that’s a certain way so your life makes sense. You want a perfect life and you think that by “finding yourself,” you’re going to get it. What you fail to realize is that 1) life will never be perfect and that’s the beauty of it and 2) you can be that person you dream of, if you’re being realistic. Yet you’re so busy looking that you don’t seem to realize it.

life isn't

 I am guilty of it. I am guilty of this. I wanted this perfect self that would somehow make life perfect. That will make life make sense–spoiler alert life doesn’t make sense. I wanted to find my true self and I wanted it to be a writer, a reader, someone that practices a healthy life, someone who could get into her dream college, someone who’s healthy, mentally and physically, and someone who’s artsy. It sounds like a list of things I want to be, but that’s how I would dream my true self to be. I wanted that true self to be someone with a meaning, failing to realize that what I needed was to create myself. The thing is I’ve been creating myself without even noticing! WHAT? HOW? Well, not realizing what I was doing I started to go after those things

I wanted to write so I took writing classes and started a blog; I wanted to read so I made a Goodreads challenge and found again my love for reading; I wanted to be someone who practices a healthy life so I started eating healthy and found a love for working out; I wanted to be someone who could get into her dream college, so I worked hard and got admitted; I wanted to be healthy so I realized what needed to change and learn to ask for help if needed; and lastly I wanted to be artsy well I do art even though I’m terrible at it. You see it now? I was looking for my true self while creating. I want to be many things and now I know that instead of waiting to magically be those things I should work for it and create myself. You might think “well those are just goals” well they are. My goals were to find that my that “true self” was the person who could be all that. I bet you’re creating yourself, unless you’re just there not trying at all, and I bet that you just realize that you can do something about. That you need to stop searching and start creating. I hope this made sense to you and I hope you now see how great life can be when you stop searching and start creating. But you know what? Don’t listen to me. 

Well, that was all for today. I really hope you enjoyed it and that you now see things from a different perspective. That you now see that you’re your perfect self, but just in the process.


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