“The Fall of Seren”-Honest review

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Hey you, welcome back! I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU! ANOTHER BOOKISH REVIEW!!!! This time I’ll be talking to you about a short story that was sent to me from one of my favorite authors. So keep reading while I tell you my emotions about “The Fall of  Seren” by non other than Mrs Cheri Lasota!


“On the planet Ddaera, under the ill-omened light of double moons, Seren stands at the precipice of destruction.

Using only her psychokinesis and earthtouch skills, Seren is destined to face a prophesied meteor alone, but she knows in her heart she hasn’t the strength to withstand such power. Yet there is one other willing to stand with her if she would let him: Idris.

But Idris has been experimenting in secret, and Seren knows his life-saving skill was born out of the deaths of those dear to her. Should she accept his…

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